Friday, 26 October 2007

Scenes from a hospital Life

Tiny girl. Poorly sick. Meningitis? Leukaemia. Chemotherapy. Angel curls falling like question marks on the pillow.

Weak. Stronger. Weaker. Strong again. It’s worse. Shingles. Kidney stones.

It’s winter.

Nurses dressed as Ghosties from Scooby Doo entertaining bed bound child.

Nurses nursing a mother’s splintering heart.

Nurses holding a weeping father’s hand.

Nurses playing Barbies with big sisters and keeping life going.

Handsome boy Doctor flirting with small, brave, bald girl who flutters lashless eyes and giggles.

It’s spring.

Worse and worse. Better and better. Home. Hospital sleepover only. Chemo continues.

Stubble appears.

Roid Rage in nursery. Playing outside. A cold. No problem.

Angel curls unfurl again and signal the growing of hope.

Summer's coming.

This beautiful girl is my niece the day after she was diagnosed

Bald but beautiful still

Our lovely girl is heading towards well.

In the worst times, she showed us the way to go. She is brave, resilient and out of her head on drugs in the video clip.

We know we are blessed and we miss those who weren't. This posting is in memory of our girl's friend Iona. She's often in our thoughts.

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Jo said...

Oh Lesley, how beautiful, beautiful this piece is. You have caught everything here. I am so relieved she's on her way to well, she's a lovely girl.

Betty C. said...

She is beautiful and what a joy to know she's recovering.

Mama Zen said...

Heartbreaking! So glad that she is recovering!

paisley said...

what a little gem she is... and how lucky you are to have her....

GreenishLady said...

I thank you for sharing this beautiful piece. I found it very moving. I hope your lovely girl has continued good health.

tumblewords said...

Beautifully written and detailed. The child is wonderfully gorgeous and I wish for her a long and healthy life. Thanks for sharing this story!

Gemma said...

A beautiful child. Glad she is recuping.

gautami tripathy said...

I send my good vibes for the brave sweet girl.

Patois said...

What a joy after such heartbreak. Beautiful post. Beautiful girl.

Robin said...

What a beautiful piece. At age four I lost my very best friend to leukemia, and many years later I lost my beloved mother-in-law to the same disease, I'm so very glad that your family has been one of the lucky ones. Give your strong, beautiful niece a big snuggle from me.